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The large concentration of flavors and aromas of the wines are made taking into low yields per hectare of vineyard (fewer clusters, more flavor), the soil and good exposure, therefore, offer full-bodied wine, aromatic and pleasant taste.

Primitivo of Manduria D.O.C. - Primitivo 100 %.
Dark ruby wine, bouquet enveloping aroma, with ripen fruit flavour, balmy herbs and mineral fragrance.
Strong and full bodied, with smooth tannins.
Long ending and persistent chocolate and vanilla after-taste.
Be consumed at a temperature of 16° - 18 ° C...
Recommended for tasty main courses, roast, ripe cheeses.

Chardonnay of Salento IGT - Chardonnay 100%
Straw yellow wine, bright and thick wine, with green highlights.
Elegant scent, strong with deep flavour of ripen exotic fruits.
Silky and soft taste, persistent, with a pleasant, balanced acidity.
Be consumed at a temperature of 12° - 14 ° C..
Recommended for seafood, light appetizers, light main courses.

Negroamaro of Salento IGT - 100% Negroamaro
Red ruby colour, firm.
Olfactive impact characterized by soft and elegant red fruit, current and mulberry touches. With eigar-box and chocolaty soft sensation.
Satin textured, firm; thick and soft tannins that's give a very good structure and a quality body.
Be consumed at a temperature of 16 ° - 18 ° C..
Recommended for grilled, rich main courses, ripe cheeses.

Tre Sorsi bianco
Bianco of Salento IGT - White Malvasia 100%.
Yellow with green intense highlights.
Full and enveloping scent, with light smell of yellow fruits and sweet citrus.
Fresh flavour and suitable soft, balanced by a pleasant acidity.
Be consumed at temperature of 10° - 12° C..
Recommended for seafood appetizers, light main courses, fish.

Tre Sorsi rosato
Rosè of Salento IGT - Negroamaro 100%.
Bright coral pink colour.
Elegant and refined aroma.
Sapid and persistent flavour.
Be consumed at a temperature of 10° - 12° C..
Recommended for fish courses, seafood, tasty appetizers.

Tre Sorsi rosso
Red of Salento IGT - Negroamaro 50%, Primitivo 20%, Malvasia 30%.
Bright red ruby color.
Decisive and enveloping flavour, with sweet and satin tannins.
Ripen red fruits full scent, with chocolate and vanilla soft smell.
Be consumed at a temperature of 16° - 18° C..
Recommended for all meals, Mediterranean cuisine.

Salice Salentino D.O.C. - Negroamaro 90% - Malvasia 10%.
Red with soft orange highlights, aged.
Sapid taste. It reminds to chocolate and vanilla. Bitter-tasting.
Soft and elegant scent, persistent and long ending.
Be consumed at a temperature of 16° - 18° C..
Recommended for refined main courses, fish soups.

Primitivo of  Salento IGT. - Primitivo 100%.
Dark rubysmells.
With mulberry and red fruits scents.
With sweet and ripen tannins which remind to chocolate and vanilla.
Long end and persistent after-taste with good sense of acidity.
Be consumed at a temperature of 16° - 18° C..
Recommended Mediterranean cuisine, ripe cheeses, cold cuts.

Primitivo of Manduria D.O.C. Natural Sweet - Primitivo 100%.
Deep ruby red , with refined scents: from ripen black-cherry to chocolate.
Elegant taste, with soft tannins, balanced by a suitable acidity.
Never-ending. Intense pleasure.
Be consumed at a temperature of 14° - 16° C..
Recommended for pastry with almonds, ripe cheeses.

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